The project of establishing a worldwide harp orchestra was conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.
Due to the lockdown, the Italian harp orchestra, chaired by Albarosa Di Lieto, could no longer carry out its normal concert activity.
Nonetheless, everyone strongly agreed upon the idea of continuing performances. The ensemble shared the willingness to overcome the issue and carry on making music and sharing emotions with the audience. We came to a decision to perform remotely, from musicians’ homes. This initiative let the orchestra set up a collaboration with harpists from all over the world.
Although current hardship, our performances have been enhanced by the renewed structure of the orchestra.
It definitely encompasses the philosophy and the strong symbolic significance of the formula “So far but so close”.

The Italian Orchestra of Harps (unique in the world) founded by Albarosa Di Lieto is currently made up of over 50 harpists from various italian regions.
The Orchestra made its debut on October 2010 in the Auditorium “Guarasci” of Cosenza for the opening night of the II International competition of Harp” Marcel Tournier”.
The Orchestra has held concerts in various Italian cities enjoying acclaim and success.
18 composers writhe for the Orchestra.